We challenge convention, encourage creativity and always deliver quality. 

Quality Policy

Statement of Intent
Highway Workforce is committed to ensuring the delivery of quality services to the satisfaction of its clients at all times. The company is fully committed to working collaboratively with its clients, stakeholders and supply partners to ensure it meets all contractual and legal requirements to which the company subscribes.

Core Policy
Our goals are derived from our core values:

  • Quality – to deliver a right first time service meeting all necessary standards
  • Reliability – to deliver on time, every time
  • Value – to work with our clients to drive down unnecessary costs

Highway Workforce shall be responsible for the training, equality, development, safety and welfare of its employees. It shall encourage their participation in the continual improvement of working practices and quality of services in order to build a sustainable future.

Highway Workforce shall utilise its Management System to define the procedures used by all employees, contractors and suppliers to:
  • Embrace the our Quality Ethos and this policy statement
  • Meet all applicable Standards and Specifications for our work
  • Meet client requirements
  • Comply with our company standards and industry best practices
  • Consult with, listen to, and respond to employees, customers and partners to deliver continual improvement of their quality performance.
  • Recognize those who contribute to their improved quality performance

Highway Workforce’s procedures have been developed for the purpose of maintaining highest quality standards within the company. These procedures shall be subject to regular review to ensure ongoing compliance and continual improvement. The company undertakes to comply with and embrace the requirements of other standards as are applicable to the nature of its activities, to include relevant National Highways Sector Schemes, British Standards and those standards as specified by our clients.

This statement shall be subject to an annual review and is available to interested parties on request.

Managing Director
Highway Workforce Ltd