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Safety Policy

Statement of Intent
Our Goal is to prevent all incidents and accidents resulting in zero harm to everyone working for or on behalf of Highway Workforce Ltd. We expect our people to adopt a ‘don’t walk by’ culture and challenge poor practice or behaviour.

Core Policy
Using the Health, Safety and Environmental Management System, Highway Workforce Ltd will ensure that all workplace risks are identified and mitigated to an acceptable level working closely with our client’s individual health and safety requirements. Highway Workforce Ltd is committed to the provision of strong and active leadership; the engagement of the workforce in the promotion and achievement of safe and healthy conditions and the formal assessment and review of our performance. The Directors will provide adequate resources, information and training to ensure that the employees and supply partners can deliver this policy and its objectives.

To deliver the long-term business vision Highway Workforce Ltd will:

  • Ensure all individuals working for or on behalf of Highway Workforce are aware that working safely is a condition of employment
  • Identify and mitigate to an acceptable level, workplace safety and health risks
  • Ensure all individuals working for or on behalf of Highway Workforce are trained to undertake the tasks required
  • Ensure all individuals working for or on behalf of Highway Workforce are empowered to delay or postpone any activity that is considered unsafe or in contradiction to our philosophy
  • Integrate safety and health matters into our business decisions
  • Engage with our stakeholders, business partners and supply chain colleagues to ensure that their SHE management standards and practices meet or exceed the expectations of this policy
  • Comply with applicable Safety and Health legislation and legal requirements
  • Strive for continual improvement in safety and health performance
  • Undertake regular reviews of this Safety and Health policy to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to our business activities
  • Share this policy with employees, stakeholders, business partners and members of the public
  • Comply with Client Specific requirements including (but not limited to) occupational health, working hours and fatigue management

Managing Director 
Highway Workforce Ltd